stuck like chuck

Back before the war began my unit was out in the field conducting live fire. I was temporarily assigned to the battalion S3 shop where I was doing ops work. Three of us NCOs were having a conversation and joking around before the next round of fire missions when the unit Chaplain came over. I don’t remember how it came up but the Staff Sergeant next to me told ‘Chappy’ that he was stuck like chuck. Poor old Chappy asked who’s Chuck? Without missing a beat the two of us pointed at the 3rd sergeant and said, “he is!” Which was true. His name was Chuck.

That’s Chuck in the front. Sometime in 2000 while we were running the Air Assault School at Fort Bragg, NC.

Where am I going with this? I dunno, but it makes me chuckle from time to time (no pun intended). The real point is sometimes we are all stuck like Chuck. Seemingly trapped in a place we don’t want to be in, not sure how we got there, and can’t see a clear path forward. Poor Chuck doesn’t have that great of a life I guess.

I could say I’m having a stuck like Chuck moment. The rental property is coming along nicely and I no longer want to burn it to the ground. I’ve invested in it to spruce it up and update it, insurance is coming through in a big way, and I already have a potential buyer.

That leaves me business. I’ve been floundering for a while, overwhelmed with how much I still need to do to be considered satisfied and get back to what I really want to do- WRITE. But I can’t get there until I finish up so much other work. Writing more than 25 books has been fun…until I need to re-edit everything, publish, market…you get the point.

At the end of the day I have to ask myself that one question we all need to ask, is it worth it?

I know my answer. What’s yours?

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