Conflict is good, right?

Coming from a former warrior, the idea is stimulating and filled with cold dread. Who wants to fight? But no, that’s not the point we’re going for here. When I say conflict I’m talking about that internal deliberation we all share when it comes to priorities. Let me explain.

Last year I decided to use my shiny new masters degree from UNC to launch my own brand: Warfighter Books (gotta stay on theme). Then Covid slammed home like some nightmare hurricane than pretty much stopped the world- wtf to that! I thought I had a plan in place. I started calling stores to get books into them and was moderately successful. Nowhere near what I wanted, but every store was a personal gain.

My initial thought was to prong my assault into the literary world based on three books: Dreams of Winter, Law of the Heretic, and Where Have All the Elves Gone?. To me, Dreams of Winter was to be my flagship book that would launch an empire.

Then a roadblock. Finding reviews for all of these has been challenging. Nothing unusual about that, but it is frustrating. Then a golden light shined down through the clouds and smacked me in the face. Sometimes, its not what we want to do but what needs to be done.

Last week one of my first books: Hammers in the Wind crested the 200 review range. This is where I needed to focus my assault. So scrap 2020’s plans and reformulate the way forward using Hammers. I quickly gave it a good edit- the original publisher sucked big time with just about everything they did- and have thrown it back up for public consumption. The ebook is available only on Amazon for now, but widespread distribution is coming, as well as the paperback within the next few months. I’m thinking July 4 for a release date. After all, it will be an independence day for my thinking and, hopefully, my time on the scene.

You can read any of these books, and more, today. If you have read them, please take a moment to leave an honest review. Success only comes through you.

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