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I forget where I was driving but I listened to Howard Stern’s interview with Jerry Seinfeld. Say what you will about Stern’s paranoia and childishness, when it comes to interviews he comes off as highly professional. He mentioned to Jerry- who is a close friend of his- that Jerry must have continued doing his comedy through will.

Jerry countered and said it was from love. Doing what you love opens the way to perform better and is infinite, whereas will eventually peters out. This has had me reflecting for two days now. Why do I write? What is the point?

I admit, for a moment I felt lost. Ok, perhaps not lost but I questioned why I continued doing this. The joy is gone. I really haven’t written anything this year. Granted, much of this is because I decided to revamp all 20 something of my books, building a brand, editing, etc. It has become work, a chore to occupy my time. I have had zero desire to write for myself. Sure, I do really good on Fiverr as a freelancer and have a running gig in a local magazine, but my books just aren’t getting done.

Thanks to Jerry Seinfeld I can see the way into the future again. I do love to write. I love getting those reviews and occasional comments on social media from complete strangers who loved my books. I’m not doing this for the money, but for what I just said.

Everyone needs a reason. What is yours?

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