A Feast of Indulgence

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews this year and inevitably many of the questions are always the same, or a derivative of one I’ve answered countless time. No worries, since each interviewer has a different audience and the exposure if always nice. But it gets me thinking, especially about characters.

I see on twitter a lot where people ask about their main character’s personality traits, etc. While many of these new authors are concerned about singular points in their books I have been forced to step back and look deep. If you have read any of my books you know I love sweeping casts on multiple levels. Epic falls short of what I am trying to achieve.

Sure, my work can be confusing (just see some of the reviews from readers who don’t normally go for the massive epics) and plenty of people fail to understand why there are so many characters, especially for most of them just to pass through the story of, well, not make it at the end. That’s the glory of it all. That’s life.

Imagine your life as a book. You will encounter so many other characters, settings, events. Many pass through your life without much impact. Others stick around for years. Each defines who we are and what we will become (whether you know it at the time or not). So when I write these sprawling tomes, I envision them as a whole life. Consider it a feast of indulgence on my part, but the better you understand this the more sense my books- and a host of others- will make.

With that being said, Fayetteville ComicCon is now June 19-20 and I can’t wait to get in there, meet new fans, and sell out my inventory. Who’s coming with me?

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