Summer…And More

Well gang, we’re here. At that pivotal moment when everything shifts and we kick it up to ludicrous speed. (Am I dating myself here? Either way, it was still a great flick). I’ve always told people I want the world. Now things are moving in the right direction and it looks like that might just be a possibility. I have the tools in place, a kick ass plan ready to engage the enemy and adapt after the initial salvo, and a back catalog of about a million books.

Events are coming in hot and heavy and I have never been this energized to attack, attack, and attack. I am whittling the list of re-edits down and have plenty of new books ready to hit the streets later this year. Perhaps most importantly, I can finally get back down to the task of actually writing, instead of focusing on the admin side almost entirely. Warfighter Books is ready for battle. Who’s coming with me?

Yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. Tens of thousands of men from Allied countries took part in Operation Overlord and stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. It was a red day, filled blood, death, and sadness. Thousands lost their lives in the effort to push the Germans from the beaches, thus securing the landing areas for the bulk of the army to come ashore in the following days.

A Battery, 1-377 FAR (Air Assault) conducting live fire operations at Fort Bragg, NC early 2002.

I had the fortune to spend 14 of my 21 years in the Army with a unit who jumped into Normandy the night of June 5th. The 1st Battalion 377th Field Artillery Regiment reaped a heavy toll on the defenders, and were partially decimated themselves. It was this same tradition we took into the Iraqi desert and became angels of death to the Iraqi army and terrorists. While I truly believe no one should ever want to go to war, there comes a time in each of our lives when we must put aside our needs and do what is right for others. Say what you will about war. To the soldiers fighting it, there is no thoughts of country or home. We fight for the person to the left and right of us. Only when we return home is there opportunity to reflect upon what we did and who it was for.

To every soldier, sailor, and airman who stepped up to answer the call and save the world from the tyranny of dictators I salute you.

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