After The Storm

Well, that’s over. Comic con June 2021 is in the books and I’m wiped out. Throat hurts from talking so much. I’m exhausted and just can’t get the umph to get moving this Monday. No worries though. It’s impossible for me to sit still. There is always something to be done and I am inching my way closer to the goal line. How did everything go, you might ask? Let me tell you.

I had no idea what to expect, having never even been to one in the past. Boy were my eyes opened! I spent the first hour of so mumbling ‘what the f….’ After that I started to get into the flow of things. I got to speak with Ms. Gigi Edgley from Farscape before it got crazy and then settled in. I have to admit, I was not happy day one. I didn’t want to be there. And there were snakes….so many snakes (which I’m cool with, but they were directly across from me and their crowds forced people away from my table. I made low sales that day.

Day 2 I shifted tactics. I made a pact with the snake rescue folks- very nice ladies- and we teamed up. They helped drive people to me and I am eternally grateful. Sales spiked, but nowhere near what I had initially hoped. Still sales were almost 300% better on the second day. I started having fun. I was wheeling and dealing and getting back into the swing of things. Then I started having a few really awesome costume folks swing by to help sell a little. After all, what grown up kid doesn’t want Darth Vader helping him out?

Or maybe some Black Manta working it?

And finally, just because, I had to bring old Captain Spalding over to say hi, and hope he didn’t kill me. Rob Zombie eat your heart out.

So that’s it. Finis. I learned some valuable lessons, spoke with other vendors and picked up some tricks and tips. All in all I thought it was a great learning event that can only get better I do more of them. Here’s to the next one! See you there.

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