Ruck Up and Move Out!

Life is picking up steam again and wouldn’t you know it- I’m sitting here with my first cold in almost 2 years. Love the reduced restrictions, love being vaccinated so I can relax, love being in front of people again, but damn, some of ya’ll just dirty….

Anywho, my first comic con is in the books and I am steamrolling into summer with a full slate of events. I won’t bore you here with the who and what, you can slip over to the coming soon page here to see the full list, but I have been invited to play at the massive 4 day Galaxycon Raleigh event at the end of July, a smaller comic con the week after, book festivals, craft shows, lions and tigers and bears!!

Throw in a whole slew of new paperbacks being released, my entire catalog being sent to the Library of Congress, and FINALLY the capital needed to fully fund my advertising and marketing campaign and I am feeling like a pirate running down a treasure ship. Its time to hoist the black flag, friends.

Strap on your kit, check your ammo, and prepare to roll out. Its time to get back in the fight. Who’s with me?

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