Damn, Monday Again?

Summer is in full swing. The Mrs and I just hit our first winery of the year and had a blast. Thank you Duplin Winery for the drink and music on a hot Sat afternoon.

Of course none of that helps my logistics dilemma. I have three main events coming up back to back to back starting July 24th. One is a massive 4 day gig that should pay out pretty good. Anyone in the NC area come on down to Raleigh for Galaxycon July 29- Aug1. Should be a blast.

That being said, I have no idea what to forecast for inventory. Right now I have about 200 books on hand. I could easily sell out in Raleigh, leaving me in a pickle for the other two events. Then there’s Aug and Sept and… oh you get the point.

What’s the problem, you might ask. Simple, ordering copies is easy, but takes weeks to deliver. Throw in I need to analyze which books sell better with what I have on hand and you can see where this all fouls up. There’s a balance in here somewhere between inventory and sales expectations. I just need to find out what it is.

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  1. I was thinking about your inventory worries. I came up with these thoughts: With the legion event I would look at my inventory of Long Way From Home. Though it is open to the public you will still have a lot of members and their families there. With Galaxy Con and the other Comic Con you may have some repeat customers from the last Comic Con. I think I would look at the book that sold the best. If it has a sequel I would make sure I had a number close to what I sold of the prequel. I am not sure when or which book is coming out next but you could do a debut event at one of the shows. Hope some of this helped though you probably already thought of them. Deb

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