Wop Bop A Lu Bop , Ba Lop Bam Boom

That’s right. You heard it, and unless you know what it is you’re probably scratching your head, thinking I’m the crazy one. Not so, my friends! Not so at all. It may be Monday morning, and I didn’t have time to cut the grass over the weekend, but damn it I’m charged up! This is the week of weeks for me. Hopefully a good one.

Galaxycon is here and it will be my biggest platform to date. Four days of freaks, geeks, and nerds galore! While I profess to not understanding most of it- after all, my comfort zone is somewhere between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings- I am supercharged to get in the trenches and start slinging books.

Had a warmup event at my American Legion post over the weekend. Not as productive as I had hoped, but with things still trying to get back to normal after Covid I can deal. Bonus, I am able to throw the books I didn’t sell there into the comic con arena. (Not to mention the event in Greenville next week)

The moral of this story, friends, is love what you do and embrace it with unparalleled fury. Don’t be afraid to take chances and push yourself. As my friends in the New Zealand Special Forces say… who dares wins.

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  1. So very happy and excited for you! All the hard work you have done to get here you deserve it! Best of luck next week end! We may be many miles away but we
    will be cheering for you every day of the event! Raines

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