Its Miller Time

Do they even still make the champagne of beers? Beats me. At any rate, Galaxycon Raleigh 2021 is in the books and I am wiped out, mentally and physically…. unfortunately not product (ly). Still, I did far better than I expected considering I was in competition with some heavy hitters and I was stuck in the amateur Artist’s Alley. As soon as I can afford to jump to the booths I will- because there’s no money to be had in the amateur section.

Sales were up and down throughout the event, but I blame that on it being sooooo slow. Three days out of the four it was rough going for everyone. Sat was the main event I did almost too well. Then again, I decided to offer to ‘kill’ the reader in my next book if they bought one at the table. This blew my mind when soooo many people starting digging it. Who knew?

Overall it was a great experience. I had fun, met some cool folks, and made some business connections. I’m still not down with the whole anime scene and really don’t fit in with this crowd, but the pursuit of converting new readers kept me humming along.

Of course, there were some old favorites taking an interest, and man, let me tell you…. these aren’t the droids you are looking for, but they were for sale if you wanted them. Now I’m refitted for the Greenville NC Comiccon this Sat. Game on.

3 Comments on “Its Miller Time

  1. Great post! Laughed out loud at these are not the droids you are looking for!!!

    Your table looks good!

    Is there something that you could sell at your table as a “side” to the books that would let that product manufacturer “sponsor” half your BOOTH?

    Good luck in Greenville and try not to have to kill off too many more people (in your books)! I would buy a book for you to kill me off, but you’d probably make it a slow and painful one!😛 —Lee __________________ Lee Heinrich cell: 919-606-2618


  2. Love the ” kill them in the book” idea. Glad you are enjoying these events also. I think they still do make Miller beer but I believe after this next week end you should pop a bottle of the real champagne to celebrate the fact you have taken on these events. Good luck and hope you have some return customers this weekend! The Raines

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