Time To Sit Back and Breathe

Ok, probably not. I cant stand sitting still. My mind is always working, my hands ready to do something. I don’t understand people who can remain idle all day. What’s the point? There is plenty of time to do nothing after your last breath. Life is short enough already. Make something of it.

That being said, I had a blast over at the Greenville NC Comicon. It was 100 miles away, thunder and lightning and I had to get up at 6 to be there on time. All of these factors led me to question whether it was going to be worth it or not. I didn’t want to get in the car at that point but am glad I did.

Totally smaller than the Raleigh event, I made just as much in sales as I did on the best day at Raleigh…hmmm. Of course there could have been any number of factors involved. Less competition, fewer authors, etc. I’ll take it for what’s it worth. A win.

Throw in I was the heavy hitter author for this one and I was feeling pretty good…and then…… I noticed a vaguely familiar figure standing at my table. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but when she spoke I recognized the voice. The first thing out of her mouth was “I was hoping you were going to be here”. WHOA!

Now, I don’t know this person. She bought a book from me back in June at the Fayetteville event. To have a complete stranger find me and say that was an unimaginable feeling. I have some pretty good fans around the world, but this was the first time anyone ever walked up to me and said that at an event. Throw in she will be seeing me in Oct for a few more books and I am stoked.

But I’m exhausted. Three weekends in a row of talking and selling has worn me out. Time for a cigar and some bourbon, and then back to work.

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  1. So glad things went well this week end! You deserve the best cigar and the most expensive Bourbon you have! Oh, and I may have sold a kindle version of Dreams of Winter this weekend. The guy that was training me at work is an avid reader and we were talking about books and book covers. I mentioned that I read your books and that you had redone some of your earlier covers. He went into your books. He saw Dreams of Winter and was interested in reading it. deb

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