Ever Get That Feeling?

Saturday was supposed to be a great time. I had tickets to the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ fest, was going to watch a little college ball, and relax with a good cigar after. Did any of that happen? Nope. Our youngest Berner (Bernese Mountain Dog for those who don’t know- not Burmese, that’s a snake, not a dog. GRRR) is 9 months old and 106 pounds. When the sun comes up he comes up and has taken it upon himself to be the house alarm clock. He jumped on the bed, rolled over when I refused to wake up and stabbed me in the eye with his claws.

Now this wasn’t on purpose so how could I get mad? I didn’t… I was too busy whining like a little b in pain. Good lord that hurt! I sucked it up for a few hours before caving to go to the urgent care. Wound up having several abrasions on my cornea and couldn’t open my eye for the next few days. Talk about suck.

One thing anyone who knows me can tell you is I can’t stand having people do things for me. Of course I complain when I’m always doing everything but the family doesn’t even pay attention to it anymore. Now that I had no depth perception- Mrs. got a little nervous when I whipped out the knife to slice up some potatoes- I felt helpless as everyone fawned over me. I hated every second of it. BUT, I begrudgingly admit to needing the help.

Here we are Tues, I have a bandage contact lens on my eye- how cool is that- everything is blurry in my right eyes but I can finally get a little bit done before I burn out again. So, cheers to that. Not sure why I shared this one, but hey… I can at least enough to do it.

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  1. I can’t give you a thumbs up for this because that would be wrong! I am going to send you a e mail. Deb

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