So That Was A Bust

Life and lemons right? Last Saturday was supposed to be a great event. Granted, things are still wonky from this Covid nonsense but at events are opening back up. I drove the 102 miles to hit the normally awesome Bookmarks Book Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I had high expectations based on past results but this one was a real head scratcher.

After arriving I immediately saw where I was and the first words out of my mouth were, “Well, this sucks.” They had 7 of us in a large tent off the main traffic areas. Making things worse, instead of putting the tent in the middle of the road and closer to everything else, they made 3 rows of tables. Why not a big square with all tables facing out???

The day went downhill from there and I was mentally checked out before 11. Wound up selling 3 books… just 3… in an event that has been pretty good for me in years prior. WTF? It wasn’t me. I know that. No one seemed to do any good in that tent, but the event organizers were making a killing with their massive tent. No one even saw where we were.

Sometimes you take it on the chin. I lost over 100$ on this gamble and am having difficulty trying to justify returning next year. Wasn’t my worst event, but sure was humbling. Ah well, on to Fayetteville NC ComicCon next month.

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