How Did That Happen?

Well look at that, it’s October already! Seems like I just put the Halloween stuff away and now I have to drag it out and throw it in the yard. At least its not those dreaded Christmas lights and the wiring plans I can never remember and waste countless hours trying to figure out.

More importantly, I just finished (finally) book 5 of the Forgotten Gods: Under Tattered Banners. Now its off to the editor and then to print. This one took me far too long. I began in Jan 2020 and ended the last day of September 2021. No real reason for the delay. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to write. I know I was swamped with the overwhelming process of starting my publishing imprint: Warfighter Books.

I’ve worked hard to go through editing, new covers, rebranding, and to create as close to a traditionally published product as possible for you all to enjoy. Of course this comes with pitfalls. I take a huge cut for retailer discount, printing costs, and the books are returnable- a fact I just came to discover when I found a box delivered to my garage the other day with 25 returned books. Bummer, but that’s business.

Tomorrow’s Demise: Salvation available on Oct 31 in paperback and ebook.

Next up is the second Fayetteville Comic Con on October 16-17. If you’re in the area swing on by and grab a signed book, say hi, and tell me how great I am. Ok, maybe not that first part but the the rest sure does apply. I thoroughly enjoy meeting folks, old and new.

Nov promises to be a special month as I do my first ever in store Barnes and Noble signing. What what!

Until then friends, you keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

Oh and did I mention jury duty thrown in there too? Ugh…

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  1. Yes,it is October! I must say I envy your fun Halloween decorating. I have been thinking about doing a little this year even if we live near the end of a dead end road. So excited about the Barnes and Noble signing! Hopefully, the jury duty wont happen. I have been called three times so far. The first time I didnt get picked, the second time it was settled out of court, the third which was going to be 2 hours away in Buffalo NY I got out of that due to my husbands health. When my husband gets called the defense rejects him because he has a degree in criminal justice. If you get picked maybe you can get some good material for a book! Can’t wait for book five to come out. Got one of your books last Friday and should be getting another this Friday.

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