That’s A Wrap

The sun has set on yet another comicon and I like to think I am improving as I learn the ropes a little better, pick up on the lingo, and get back into the groove of kissing babies and making sales. Ok, so no babies, but I definitely enjoy the cha-ching of a fresh sale.

This weekend was a good event. Still slow due to Covid and whatever is going on with the economy right now but that’s to be expected. I can’t wait for full crowds and eager throngs of people willing to shed some $$$$. I did pretty good with sales and, hopefully, will have a nice bump in residuals this week. But more importantly, I discovered two truths.

Why do I write? What am I hoping to get from this mad endeavor? Simple: I want someone to walk away with one of my books, read it, and can’t wait to tell someone about it. That ‘you gotta check this guy out’ conversation we’ve all had at some point. The raw enthusiasm over a character or story that makes you want to keep reading even when your eyes hurt and the thoughts bumbling in your head as you just have to tell someone. That’s really what it boils down to.

The second truth is more business-like. People always ask what is my favorite book I’ve written. A total bummer since I don’t really have a favorite anything in life. So I am torn. I point out my current favorite, but also one that has been said to be great, and my most popular. Somewhere along the way I realized people will buy whichever book I suggest. So do I go for the big ticket item or do I just want the customer to be happy?? Decisions, decisions. This weekend I talked customers out of spending an extra 6$ on a book a few times for something else. It felt right.

So there it is. Lessons learned. On to my next event: a book signing at a local Barnes and Noble on the 6th. Hooah. The last pic is just because. I had to look at it for 2 days, and felt like sharing.

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