Down the Stretch They Come

Halloween is over. The spooks and ghouls all tucked away in their beds for another long slumber. (Unless you’re like me and still have about 30 movies recorded you haven’t gotten to yet) But just because the time of scary is ended doesn’t mean I don’t have delightful treats to share. For those of you who just can’t get enough of the frights you can swing over to my bookstore page on here and grab a free copy of Twelve Nightmares. A delightful tale of a string of killings in upstate New York at the end of the 18th century. Were they done by man or demon? That’s up to you to figure out as you delve deeper into the mystery.

Or for those more adventurous sorts, welcome to the planet Helscape. A nasty little place filled with monsters, space armies, and magic. Did I mention pirates floating above a sea of molten lava? Tomorrow’s Demise: Salvation was just released and needs a home- yours. The second and final book in the set, we follow Nathan Bourne of Earth and Aradias Kane of Helscape band together to defeat the Berserker hordes rampaging across the desert Wastelands. Are you game?

For a limited time I have the price at 2.99…. prices go back up soon. Get it while you can.

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