Energy Vampires

Let’s talk about those mysterious creatures who come out of the night like a tidal wave of plague to slow your progress, upend your life, and make things generally uncomfortable for all. You know of which I speak! Those energy vampires. Oxygen thieves! And worse, the miscreants of sanity.

Every so often we get one of these people in our lives determined to slow up down and upend all we have going for us. A shame really, because they’re not always bad people- just unsettled or misaligned. Some just need a quick smack on the back of the head. Others need to get trounced by the hard road of life. Some never get it.

So what do we do? Help the ones you can, ignore the ones you can’t and learn how to focus on ourselves. Time is short enough already. Why waste it with the inconsequential? I fell prey to this for a while last year, but finally opened my eyes.

Now, I’m back on track and plunging full speed ahead. I sent all copies of my paperbacks to the Library of Congress for them to put on their austere shelves- how cool is that? and the Warfighter Books train is picking up steam. We are now 3 consecutive months of over 100 sales, people are reaching out to learn more, and my fingers can’t stop bouncing on the keys as story after story churns out.

Thanksgiving is finished, time to go back to work. But with Christmas coming soon who knows what tomorrow brings?

If you feel feisty, I’d appreciate the sharing, or purchasing of my latest sci-fi noir, The Lazarus Men, for preorder. It officially goes on sale April 1st.

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