13 Seconds

That’s it. 13 seconds between success and failure. Those football fans know what I’m talking about and, as a lifelong Buffalo Bills fans, last night was a kick in the nards. Nothing to hang my head over. It was an outstanding game from start to finish, but 13 seconds decided the balance.

How does that translate to writing? To having a book hit or miss? I’ve been seeing so much negativity on Twitter from authors. Oh no, not that kind. The worst kind: self-doubt. The desire to throw your hands up and move on to another endeavor. You know the comments. “Why am I doing this?” “No one is buying my book.” “What’s the point?”

Self-negativity is miring so many new authors. I don’t understand it personally. I had about a good 30 seconds of doubt a few years back and then focused on what I needed to do, not how I was going to get there or how long it would take.

We don’t all get the W. There must be a ton of Ls along the way if we are to get better, sell more, and compete in this already crowded market. Perhaps people just expect instant gratification. As if selling a copy or two to friends and family quantifies their success.

The real question you need to ask yourself, dear authors, is how are you going to handle your 13 seconds?

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