Tis the Season

I know what you’re thinking. Christmas and the holidays are in the rear view. Which is fine, but that’s not the season I’m talking about. I’m talking con season. Those delectable weekends where geeks, freaks, nerds, gamers, and more gather in their favorite costumes, eager to spend their $$ on one on one photo ops with some of their favorite celebrities in the genre.

After my rookie inaugural year dabbling in a few cons last year I am back with better products, bigger displays, and a better understanding of what I need to do to be successful. Ok, more successful. I made profits in all 4 of my events last year but I didn’t know the rules.

Well, its a new year, baby, and I am ready to roll. With hard covers, audiobooks, and more rolling out I am armed to the teeth. New book marks, calls to action, and the tenacity of a soldier without a battlefield, Warfighter Books is ready to take the con arena by force.

I’m back in the same venues with plenty more added across North Carolina (for the moment). Throw in signings, book festivals, and more and I am planning on a banner year. The only question is… are you coming with me?

First up: Greensboro, NC for Eastgate Comic Con. Sunday May 17th.


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