The Little Things in Life

Looks like we got the albatross from our necks. It’s no secret. The first two cons this year (for me) have been a struggle. The first was just a sad event but I broke even, kinda. The second usually is good to me but I fell short of making table. Once again, it’s a struggle to compete with people who sell toys and things they don’t actually create. There has to be some kind of law involving selling Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars stuff on the side, right? But I trooper on, because what else am I going to do?

This past Sunday I jumped into the Eastgate Comicon in Greensboro NC. A small event at the airport Marriot but it proved to be pretty decent. I broke even in an hour and a half and let me tell you, the pressure slips from your shoulders and you can focus on having fun instead of making back what you put in to it. Sure, there were issues. Stupid wrestling ring, I’m talking about you! And the DJ was so loud he drowned out every single conversation, but I had fun and ran the green.

Even had a young girl make this for me out a sticky note in about 2 minutes while her mother was buying a book. How cool is that?

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