It’s not even summer yet!

Good lord. I know I live in the south, well technically the northern part of the south, but mid-90s in late May is just wrong. I spent 3 years in Iraq and Afghanistan and thought I had sweat just about everywhere possible. Wrong. This past weekend showed me how wrong I was. None of that stops the train from rolling however. So here we go.

There is only one week left before Coward’s Truth: A Novel of the Heart Eternal is released to the wild and I can’t be more excited. Almost 200 hardcover and paperback preorders! Where did that come from???

Throw in The Lazarus Men audiobook published on 40 different vendor sites and I am beyond elated.

As always, none of this is possible without you, and for that I am eternally grateful. Writing may be a solitary endeavor, but the everything after is a group effort.

You make this work.

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