Dog Days

Friends, here we are for a new week. New adventures filled with success, disappointment, and the eternal effort to keep pushing forward. I saw a man in a motorized wheelchair pushing a lawnmower the other day. He didn’t ask for help. Didn’t care as he mowed his lawn. It was difficult and time consuming, but just the few moments I saw him filled me with inspiration. After all, if he could do all that, what excuse do the rest of us have for not accomplishing our goals?

Exactly. None.

I just sent off my 2nd book to the voice artist. Pretty excited about that. The wheels are spinning and I don’t feel like slowing down. Book 6 of the Forgotten Gods Tales is a little more than halfway done and, alas, there will be only one more volume in the main story after that. As much as I have enjoyed this story I am tired and need a break. Time to move on. Lots of shiny objects demanding my attention.

That being said, there is still time to grab a discount copy of either the Lazarus Men or Dreams of Winter while you can. Go ahead, enjoy and share.

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