Well gang, Galaxycon Raleigh 2022 is in the books. I am beat. My throat is raw from talking to so many great folks. My back, knees, and feet hurt. And you know what? It was all worth it! I sold a ton of books, met good people, and hopefully gained some new fans. Most importantly, I was able to spread my stories to brand new people.

The best part was having an old man show up, grab one of my books and tell me how great it was and he can’t wait for book 2. That’s what its all about for me. Fuel for the fire!

No rest for the wicked however. Next weekend I’m back on the road and hitting another town. I can’t say I care for the traveling and logistics, but it’s what I do.

Two things of note happened this last weekend:

I walked behind Brendan Fraser of Mummy fame talking with the voice of Elmo about watching the Bob Ross channel in the hotel.

And I got to meet one guy we all know and love- even if you don’t know his name: Patrick Warburton.

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  1. So glad things went well for you! Table looks great.

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