Closing Out August With The Win

What a rollercoaster ride this month has been. I finished off July with a kickass weekend at the Raleigh Galaxycon, rolled into another fine event in Greenville, NC. (I love that place. The first 4 customers all came specifically to see me- how humbling is that??) then I rocked my ebook sales for the biggest $$ month since rebranding under Warfighter Books. It’s not a lot, mind you, but it marked the first time I crossed the 100$ threshold just for ebooks.

Things are rolling right along. Let’s forget the Facebook hacking disaster and negligent support from one of the largest social media sites in the world. But then again, when they’re too busy playing politics to care about their client base what can you expect?

We’ll also forget the intense back pain that saw me take a trip to the ER last Tuesday. I can handle pain pretty well but this one had me in tears. Suck it up and drive on, that’s what I’ve lived by. At least now I’m back on my feet and moving around, slooooowly, oh so very slowly.

Sept. promises to be a great month with more events, more sales, and more new faces welcomed to the fold. Thank you all for joining this adventure with me. Together we can conquer the world.

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  1. congrats on your sells. we are so very happy for you! take care of that back!

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