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Under Tattered Banners: A Forgotten Gods Tale #5

The war continues to spread across the universe. Enemy forces gather power, forcing the heroes into desperate acts. A plan is devised to capture the military rich industrial planet Mannus Prime. Doing so could tip the scales in their favor and end Inquisitor General Nye’s bid for domination.

Repercussions: A Lazarus Men Agenda 2

2275, a girl walks into a bar….
And is thrust into the adventure of her life. She and a motley assortment of bounty hunters, soldiers, shapeshifters, and academics, have been chosen by a mysterious benefactor to be the first to find a long forgotten jewel. It is a treasure hunt for the ages.
When Mr. Shine, enigmatic leader of the Lazarus Men gets a whiff of it he sends his best agent, Carter Gaetis. Backstabbing, shaky alliances, and the threat of a galaxy wide war fill this fast-paced adventure across the stars.
Will any survive the hunt or will the Lazarus Men get their due?

A Long Way From Home

These are the memories and observations I had during my 3 combat tours. Completely remastered. Follow the action from Iraq and Afghanistan from 2002-2006 as told through the eyes of some of the men who actually fought the war, not some general in an ivory tower.

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