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Anguish Once Possessed: A Forgotten Gods Tale #3

The war for the soul of the universe continues to widen. Armies of former allies do battle on a hundred worlds in the wake of the assassination of the Cardinal Seniorus. With immeasurable power now within his grasp, the Inquisitor General sends his armies forth to consolidate control of the seven hundred worlds. Yet even his careful planning isn’t enough to contend with the rise of the cult of the death god. Cultists sweep through cities in their anticipation of Rengu’s return.

Awake once again, the Three begin to collect heroes and villains to their causes. The final battle is coming. A battle that will leave the universe permanently scarred.

On the library world of Wexanos, Tannus must deal with a two-fold threat. Human enemies have found the key to either awaken or kill those of his kind he painstakingly put into hiding millennia ago. He sends a team of loyal Prekhauten Guards to Kharsis to retrieve the key and end the threat of rogue Inquisitor Ursal Prowl while at the same time dispatches Matthias and Inquisitor Luma Kai to An’kuruku in the hopes of finding Paradise Tear.

It is a desperate gambit intended on preventing the spread of war but one they must make. The one man capable of stopping the war, Tolde Breed, is lying on his deathbed, helpless to do anything.

Tomorrow’s Demise: Paths of Salvation

The Extinction Campaign has ended in miserable failure. What remains of the vaunted Imperium assault division limps back to Black Tide, suddenly eager to depart Helscape. Through the ashes of that battle come the survivors. Broken in spirit and body, men like Aradias Kane and Nathan Bourne struggle to understand what has happened. Hope and despair clash for domination as the Wastelands prepare for the final Berserker invasion.

Yet all is not lost. A band of would be heroes emerges. Led by Kane, they follow the enigmatic Thalon Zimbele to the east. He leads them to the town of Redemption where the last wizard awaits. Ganelin D’amala has waited several lifetimes for his chance to atone for the sins of his kind. With death closing in, this is his final opportunity.

Over lakes of lava and across endless deserts the war-weary band travels. Their destination is the hidden Berserker Hive. In this final battle for the fate of the world heroes will rise and fall. They move with sure purpose but the Berserkers will not go quietly. For both sides there can be only one of two possible recourses: salvation or death.

Through Darkness Besieged

The planet Rastarok has been forgotten by the universe for millennia, hidden by the powers that be for good reason. Deep in the heart of the world lies the strength for Amongeratix to take control of the seven hundred worlds and finish his long war with his brothers.

Alone and missing his memory, the Penitent Man must come to terms with who he is and what he means to a universe gripped by civil war. It is a path he is loath to travel, for to discover his past is to accept the future.

Under the direction of the Blood Witches, a motley assortment of criminals and warriors gathers to prevent Amongeratix from gaining control of this power. It is a mission doomed to fail unless they can set aside their differences and keep from killing each other along the way.

The pieces are in play. Heroes and villains battle across the stars in a war no one understands, and all know must be won. Through Darkness Besieged is the latest installment of the Forgotten Gods Tales.

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