Day Whatever Because I Seriously Lost Track of Time: So…You Want to Write a Book?

This one was born on a whim and, subsequently, is about to have a sequel thanks in part to the wonderful program at UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism. To all things, right?


So…You Want to Write a Book? is my take on getting all your little ducks in a row before you start writing. Filled with plenty of humor and prime examples of what I did wrong along my journey (thus far), it provides potential authors with a baseline for where to begin. Ironically, this non-fiction how to book is meant for fiction books.

Writing a book can be the hardest task an aspiring author will undertake, or it can be the fullest, most rewarding experience. The choice is yours. From creating worlds to building a strong set of characters, so much goes into the writing of a good fiction book that the author becomes inundated with details. The wall builds up until finishing a work of quality fiction seems impossible. Take heart! You are not alone. With So You Want to Write a Book new and aspiring authors can follow a simple, time proven plan for getting that book out of your head and onto the screen.