A Sad Story In 3 Words

I got hacked. What a way to start the week, right? So there I was, sitting at my table at Barnes and Noble. (Yes, I have a regular table. One with my back to a pillar and about a good 270 degree visibility of the front of the store. Just can’t get away from the old PTSD- though I insist it’s situational awareness) Minding my own business and working on Forgotten Gods 6. I kept seeing Facebook notification boxes pop up in the corner of my screen and was on VPN. Then nothing. When I went to check it told me my password was just changed. Uh huh.

What followed was a week of trying to get the account back from the hacker, if any of you are in the Hanoi, Vietnam area and feel like making a few $ to hunt down and exterminate the hacker…nevermind, to no avail. Facebook has no support structure. How could they with 3 billion users? The tech company I hired to help couldn’t so I resigned to starting over.

Do you know how demotivating that is to go from having almost 3000 people following your work to ZERO?

I can help with that- it sucks hard. Ah well, right? Facebook isn’t that great to begin with and trends show people under 25 don’t even bother. Still….

The good news is I can rebuild in a way that makes sense- unlike when I started all those years ago. I’ve culled the friends lists (ok, that went down to zero too) and no longer have to see the vitriol or political BS from any of them and can settle with knowing my new business vision is being executed the way I need it to.

So, with that being said, if you are feeling froggy and want to know more about Warfighter Books, me, or anything else, swing over to the old Facebook and give my new page a like. Can’t wait to see you there.


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