Ok, so maybe I’m dating myself a little with that reference but if you get you know! The last few weeks have been a pleasing whirlwind for me. Throw in a pulled muscle in the middle of my back that just won’t heal and a few hundred miles on my new VW Atlas affectionately named Bruiser and I’m ready for a break. But first- let’s talk about the last two conventions.

Galaxycon was all right. The first two days left me wanting to pack up and hit the house. My mind and heart wasn’t in it. You sit at that table with limited foot traffic for ten hours a day and tell me how fun it is. I got to meet the great Patrick Warburton- a personal favorite of mine- and walk behind Brendan Frasier talking about the Bob Ross channel with the man who voices Elmo. How can you not want to know where that one went?

Then Obi Wan Kenobi Claus popped by. The kids got candy. All I got was a business card. Didn’t seem fair to me but oh well.

Thankfully the weekend picked up. I was slammed Sat and Sun and feeling much better about it all. Definitely helped the back pain recede for moment. After a week of down time I packed up the truck, loaded my boxes and headed east to Greenville, NC. Now this is cheap buy in and a small event but I love it. Let me say that again. I LOVE IT.

The fans are great and within the first hour I had three different people come up to me expressing how much they hoped I would be there and they were looking for to it. Talk about humbling! But isn’t that why we do it? You’re never going to get rich writing, not in today’s market, but the gratification of having people excited to see you is a thrill I can’t get enough.

So there it is, friends. Two weeks on the road and plenty more events to look forward to. I started mapping out next year and I’m already at 15 events. Might be time to do some more push ups….

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