Beyond the Edge of Dawn: The Histories of Malweir #3



How far would you go to save a kingdom and stop the dark gods from returning?

Homeless. Despised. They walk the lands in search of menial work just to survive. For the once proud sons of Gaimos have fallen far. Acclaimed as the greatest warriors in the world, those few who survived the purge are shadows of what once was.

Kavan , a feared and venerated Vengeance Knight, is one of the last sons born before the Fall. He roams the lands of Malweir in search of heroic deeds, but when he is summoned to the kingdom of Aradain he discovers a world he is unprepared for. Werebeasts are attacking the countryside, killing all in their paths. To stop them, Kavan must assemble a handful of fellow Knights. Even then he knows it might not be enough, for a plot to return the dark gods to their thrones threatens all life.

You’ve read Rings, Malazan, Thrones, Wheel, Stormlight. Now is the rise of the Knights.

Journey back deep into the history of Malweir and join the ultimate battle against evil.

Do you have what it takes to become a Vengeance Knight?


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