Tomorrow’s Demise: Salvation (Tomorrow’s Demise #2)



Tomorrow’s Demise comes to a thunderous conclusion with Salvation!

The Extinction Campaign has ended in miserable failure. What remains of the vaunted 76th assault division limps back to Black Tide. Rendered combat ineffective by the Berserker ambush, they are eager to depart Helscape. Through the ashes of that battle come the survivors. Broken in spirit and body, men like Aradias Kane and Nathan Bourne struggle to understand what has happened. Hope and despair clash for domination as the Wastelands prepare for the final Berserker invasion.

Yet all is not lost. A band of would be heroes emerges. Led by Kane, they follow the enigmatic pirate lord Thalon Zimbele to the east. He leads them to the town of Redemption where the last wizard awaits. Ganelin D’amala has waited several lifetimes for his chance to atone for the sins of his kind. With death closing in, this is his final opportunity.

Over lakes of lava and across endless deserts the war-weary band travels. Their destination is the hidden Berserker Hive. In this final battle for the fate of the world, heroes will rise and fall. They move with sure purpose but the Berserkers will not go quietly. For both sides there can be only one of two possible recourses: salvation or death.

Started in The Extinction Campaign, Salvation concludes in a knock-down, drag-out brawl for the fate of Helscape. You won’t want to miss this one. Grab your copy today!


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